Building properties with purpose
Housing more Australians

  • Building affordable housing 
  • Funding research into the future
  • Supporting awareness raising documentaries

Why we support HAA

At APD, we believe we have a responsibility to help curb the chronic shortage of affordable housing in Australia.

That’s why we partner with Housing All Australians (HAA) – a private sector initiative to address homelessness.

At APD, we’re here to develop successful projects. But we’re also interested in managing developments with purpose – developments that result in positive community impact.

That’s why we support HAA; a group focused on ending the intergenerational issue of homelessness through engaging the private sector.

The HAA mission is close to our hearts. And something we’ve been supporting since it began in 2018.

Our proud partner projects

We work with HAA in various ways to help evoke discussion about this topic and drive real change.

First, APD has financially supported HAA’s National Economic Study, which began in 2021. This research aims to uncover the future societal costs that result from failing to invest in affordable housing.

The insights from this study will be crucial to kickstarting action and garnering further support on this issue.

Our Director, Brad Paddon, also attended the Parliamentary Committee Inquiry into Homelessness in Victoria, as a member of a private urban development industry experts panel. The panel offered current and concise advice to the Committee, as well as their collective support in addressing this issue.

APD has also supported an upcoming documentary that will expose the crisis of homelessness among middle-aged women. The goal of the film is to raise awareness about the fastest-growing homeless demographic in Australia: women in their 50s.

Looking to the future, we’re seeking opportunities to further our partnership with HAA to provide affordable housing.