Breathing new life into public spaces

  • Enhancing air quality
  • Building resilience to climate change 
  • Improving peoples' wellbeing 

Why urban greening matters

At APD, we know how beneficial it is to incorporate nature into our urban landscape.

That’s why we’re committed to including abundant green spaces in all our projects.

Planting more trees in our urban spaces is vital to creating more liveable, thriving communities. When we design our urban landscapes, we also:

    • Improve air quality
    • Enhance amenity and the "walkability" of our communities
    • Improve biodiversity
    • Reduce urban heat loads
    • Improve landscape connectivity
    • Contribute to positive mental and physical health 

These are just some of the reasons urban greening is crucial. 

What's involved in the urban Greening program?

At APD, we have a policy to provide high-quality green spaces in all our projects. We achieve this by collaborating with the most reputable landscape architects and contractors. 

Through planting an abundance of trees and shrubs throughout our parks, open spaces and streetscapes, we aim to deliver the best outcome for both the project and the community. And we pay particular attention to the planting and maintenance regimes once our trees are planted. 

We regularly include front landscaping packages in the purchase price of most of our communities. And when that’s not possible, we provide rebates to incentivise residents to landscape their gardens. 

Attending to our streetscapes enhances the overall quality of the built environment, promotes a more positive lifestyle and helps create a more valuable community.