A residential development that enhances the natural ecosystem

  • Enhances the local ecosystem 
  • Improves the quality of water treatment
  • Creates an environment for fish and birds to thrive

A residential development that enhances the natural ecosystem. That’s Anchoridge.

Anchoridge is a unique development in Armstrong Creek, Victoria. Positioned near a highly sensitive conservation area, it was crucial that Anchoridge was developed in a way that exceeded best practice stormwater methodology and enhanced the local area. 

So that’s what we did – and brought a new community to life in the process. 

From the outset, we planned to develop Anchoridge in a way that considered its sensitive environmental context. 

As Anchoridge is upstream of the highly sensitive Hospital Swamps complex, we wanted to ensure the end outcome both protected and enhanced these wetlands. 

To do this, we enlisted experts in engineering, ecology and hydrology who have worked in the Armstrong Creek area for years. We also worked closely with various stakeholders, including all tiers of government, to ensure support for the proposal.

The design solution was for a localised wetland system within Anchoridge, which naturally filters storm water before it enters the Armstrong Creek wetlands and beyond to the Ramsar-listed Hospital Swamps complex.

Simultaneously, the team has designed and constructed an innovative bypass channel that diverts unwanted seasonal fresh water flows into the proposed Sparrowvale Wetlands system - away from Hospital Swamps.

This channel, and its associated control structures, has resolved the key environmental protection issue that has previously inhibited development across the wider Armstrong Creek growth area, not just for Anchoridge.

The end result is an environmentally sensitive development that cares for the surrounding ecosystem and in particular offers a critical, long-term solution to increased storm water runoff for the entire Armstrong Creek catchment. 

Year 1 Annual Compliance Report for the Hospital Bypass Channel

Year 2 Annual Compliance Report for the Hospital Bypass Channel