What a year it’s been at Orchard Tarneit.

What a year it’s been at Orchard Tarneit.

Orchard Tarneit

Development Management

This year has seen APD Projects partnering with the Dahua Group, one of China’s most successful land and property

As project managers for the development, it’s an honour to work alongside the Dahua Melbourne team over the past 12 months. This time last year we had a project which wasn’t designed, had no branding and was not common knowledge in the public domain.

So, what’s happened since then?

The first task was to assemble a highly experienced project team of industry-leading consultants capable of planning, marketing, selling and delivering a prestigious master planned community. Our goal was to establish Orchard Tarneit as one of the most highly regarded and desirable developments in the area.

Within three months we had established the brand and taken Orchard to an extremely competitive market with initial releases selling out in two days. The demand for lots in the development has been sustained with sales expected to be around 300 lots by the time 2018 arrives.

Whilst strong sales figures are always welcome, we understand they need to be matched by a timely project delivery and we were breaking ground just eight months later. A remarkable testament to the effort by all involved.

All of this has been made possible by engaging the formidable experience of our consultant partners and agencies and by nurturing a truly unified working relationship, something we strive to achieve in all our working relationships.

Congratulations and thanks to all involved, for what has been a truly remarkable first year at Orchard Tarneit and we are looking forward to collaborating again in 2018.

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